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students, families and schools.


An experienced primary school teacher, SENCO and study skills tutor of students aged 9-18, I offer 1:1 tailored tuition that draws upon students’ strengths to overcome gaps and misconceptions. A qualified user of the Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme and experienced study skills tutor, I offer a blend of phonics, spelling and grammar rules and metacognitive study skills, alongside knowledge of curriculum progression, exam board specifications or advanced essay writing skills for university, delivered though multisensory fun and games.

Full diagnostic assessments

Dyslexic students have remarkable strengths and abilities, such as design, problem solving, creative skills, interactive skills and oral skills, so much so that dyslexic thinking is now recognised as a vital skill by LinkedIn. A dyslexia assessment will highlight a student’s strengths, alongside helping them to understand challenges they are facing. A diagnostic report will give recommendations for support at school, university and at home. It will also encourage students and educators to recognise and build on their much sought-after talents and abilities, seeking to end negative learning cycles and propel positive cycles of opportunity, celebration and success.

Training, screening and EAA assessments for schools

If you are interested in inset or small group teacher training on dyslexia, processing or working memory difficulties, JCQ exam access arrangements, or need advice on regulations and school responsibilities, please contact me at I also offer group screening and school based exam access arrangement assessments.

What others have had to say:

It’s a real pleasure working with someone with such professionalism, expertise and dedication.

Thank you very much for delivering such an extremely insightful session. Staff really appreciated the presentation as a whole and specifically, the strategies shown to support dyslexic students. 

 Delighted with (his) progress, so I owe you a huge thank you – really can’t thank you enough for your input, it is really making a huge difference.

Thank you so much for helping me understand myself and giving me access to the support I needed.

We were so impressed with the time you took to go through (her) report.

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