The Dyslexia Hub

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The dyslexia hub: funded dyslexia training and assistive technology for schools and their dyslexic students.

If you think you can support, or know someone who can support this initiative, please contact me:

They said it couldn’t be done.

And who could blame them? How could you bridge such an enormous chasm, the untouchable Avon Gorge?

Standing at the edge of the Clifton Downs, it’s easy to imagine the vast shards of ice carving their way through the rock, laying bare the layers of the past and irreversibly changing the landscape.

Down in the base of the valley, cars race past one another carrying the disproportionate weight of passions and fears on their backs, like armies of ants, miracles of matter, all bound to fall in the end (Barlow, Gary :).

And suspended high above them, silken threads of iron and steel, spun together, engineering as art, answering with clear, unobstructed, determination and defiance:

it can be done!

Deborah Cobbing, 2020

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