What is dyslexia?

Watch this video from the BDA for a better understanding of dyslexia: YOUTUBE.COM See dyslexia differently This animation seeks to preempt misconceptions among young audiences by shedding

Why early intervention matters

SpLDs, like dyslexia, are hidden disabilities, sometimes mistaken for not trying hard enough, not listening, or not paying attention. Repeated negative learning experiences can be traumatic, distancing a child further from effective learning. The SEN Code of Practice promotes early identification of SpLDs. Early support can reverse negative cycles by promoting opportunity, celebration and success.…

Helen Arkell is offering an online GCSE and A-Level Study Skills course. This course is available on demand anytime from Monday 24th October. The course gives learners a chance to find out how they learn best and discover strategies that will work for them. Topics covered are as follows: tips for effective reading skills and…

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